Friday, 11 March 2016

The Beast

This is the beast who chewed my sneaker.
As you can see, she has absolutely no remorse for her evil deed and is in fact daring me to leave another sneaker unattended.

With spring just around the corner it's time to start thinking about tomato plants but the Rip hasn't lost her obsession for eating bugs. The warmer weather has brought out the flies and other winged insects and Rip has been outside snapping away at any insect with the temerity to trespass into her realm so I'm leaning toward skipping tomatoes this year. Last summer she spent a lot of time eating bees which  became quite annoying to me and lethal to the poor little bees going about their business.

This year my green thumb is returning to the wonderful world of ivy. I snipped a few vines from the local park and after watching Martha Stewart on you tube, I'm good to go.
Martha recommended using root hormone to get the little beauties started but as luck would have it, I'm all out of root hormone at the moment so it's going to be survival of the fittest. Any cutting from an inferior gene pool will wither away.

Survival of the fittest, that's what the Rip said when she came across an overweight Pug.

Hey Mack, your headlight's busted.


  1. Maybe the Rip just has a low opinion of your choice of footwear. After I move next week I just might see how I can do with tomatoes in Texas, it is damn sure hot enough here for them.

    "root hormone", piss on them, same difference but it's free.

    1. If you can't grow tomatoes in Texas, I shouldn't think you're much of a gardener--ha.

      I've never used root hormone either, but then I shy away from finicky plants.

  2. Martha, Mack, Rip, Pug? When in the hell did you start capital letters?

  3. My sweat smells like candy from all the ju jubes so I think that's what attracts her.

    I discovered this thing called a "shift" key on the keyboard and it's wonderful. (but I'll probably tire of it soon)

  4. No tomatoes? That's too bad. Maybe you need a little greenhouse to stop the bees straying into the killing zone. Does she eat cockroaches too?

  5. she'd definitely bite and chew, i'm sure if she'd swallow.

  6. Haven't thought much about tomatoes

  7. 72 pages for a watch that should be able to do without an instruction manual? Fuck, my computer and cell phone knows how to keep time without any input from me. I only have to change the time on the five dollar watch attached to my belt loop and it doesn't take a fucking manual to do that.

    Besides, since when does a retired fart need to know the precise time, do dog turds have a schedule?

  8. the bus schedule. it's not nice missing the bus in shitty weather.

  9. actually it was the solar battery that attracted me. the radio controlled exact time was a surprise.

  10. I heard about the storms up there, Terry said their power was off cuz of trees taking lines down. Brownwood is bitching cuz it rained 2.9 inches here last week, made the front page of the paper, hell, I hardly noticed it was raining.

    Currently nice and sunny and 82 degrees.

  11. Hello Rosewater,

    RIP looks very aggressive.She might have been in a bad mood when she ate your sneaker. She is like the Chinese.They eat all types of insects.

    It is an excellent pastime to grow plants. I have some plants near the kitchen window. Sometimes I get lovely flowers. In one of my plants a bird has started making a nest. I hope she will be able to lay some eggs and hatch them. The only problem is that since the nest is close to the kitchen window, we keep going there often and disturbing the bird.Sometimes the male bird also comes their to supervise. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  12. Hello Joseph,

    Our home was burglarized several years ago so I like to have a dog that provides me with security. Rip takes her security job very serious.

    We have a lot of crows in our neighborhood and they slaughter the smaller birds. Years ago robins and sparrows were plentiful, now I'm lucky to see one robin per year. The big park a block away is full of ducks, geese and seagulls. There are few owls deep in the heart of the park and they really gather a crowd when they perch on a branch above one of the trails.

  13. I’ve been reading your comments on Joseph’s blog. I too love plants—shrubs and ornamental grasses in the yard and forty or so houseplants under grow lights in my bedroom. I have no idea how it is in Wisconsin, but here in western Oregon, English ivy is a devastatingly invasive species, perhaps because of the mild weather and constant winter rain.

    I had a schnauzer that chewed the right sandal only on three pair of sandals. I noticed that you too refer to your dog as “who” rather than an “it.” (Actually, my dogs are dead, but I do the same with my two cats.)

  14. Hello Snowbrush

    Yes Joseph is a true gentleman and I hope a bit of his politeness rubs off on me.

    A few days after Rip arrived I declared her an equal partner in the house and gave her full voting rights. The love of Rip is the only thing we humans agree upon in a consistent basis.