Thursday, 24 March 2016

Happiness and the BSI

Most of us want to be happy. Of course there are some people who were born to be miserable and are doing a darn good job of it. Many people ask themselves, "am I happy?" and for whatever reason are unable to come up with an accurate answer. I have asked myself that question countless times and finally came up with an answer. The BSI has given me a very good gauge on my happiness and provides me with empirical data on my emotional state and the need for corrective action.


I love bean soup and have found a very strong relationship between how often I make a big pot of bean soup and the state of my happiness. Making a good pot of bean soup is an all day affair and when I'm down in the dumps, I lack the energy and enthusiasm to make the soup. You may think I'm being flippant and even mocking people with depression but I'm deadly serious. For me, I can guage my state of mind by how often I make bean soup. I made a big pot Monday and will finish it tonight. The added bonus is that it's very healthy and if that isn't enough, it's also very convenient. What could be easier than dumping some stuff in a pot and heating for 5 minutes to get a balanced healthy meal?

If a happy man interacts with a miserable man, will the happy man elevate the miserable man's outlook on life? Or will the miserable man bring the happy man down to his level?

All I can say is, misery loves company so be careful out there.

Happy easter and be sure to leave a little treat for the Easter Turtle.


  1. I heard BSI actual stood for Bull Shit Index....My two in home care client have mental illness issue.
    After being around them for few hours. I'm a firm believer none of our brain see the world all in same light...Google a list of mental illness. Hell we're all crazy.
    Coffee is on

  2. I'm partial to a bean soup myself, as long as its flavoured with hot spices. If might make you fart later, but you're generally in a happier condition after breaking wind. Have you ever eaten a turtle egg? Those things look pretty damn tasty after they've been laid on a beach.

  3. I agree Dora, were'll all mentally defective, some of us just a better job of disguising it than others but sooner or later it'll come out.

    gb - I've never eaten a turtle egg and unless I'm starving and my life depends on it, I can't see myself eating one. I'd lose my sense of self if I ever knowingly consumed a turtle.

  4. when my friend Shady Lane and I were discussing my bi-polar daughter we both commented on the fact that she sort of likes the down side more than the happy side..I said it was hard for me to click with people with depression was just so foreign to me..she said 'you have a happy heart'...I loved that.

  5. Sounds like an excellent index to me. When I'm feeling blue I don't want to do jack or shit. Glad all is well with you and stays that way for a long, long time.

  6. I've had my ups and downs in 72 years but everyone's lives are roller coasters. But all in all I think I have fared pretty damn well.

  7. I think the trick to making it through this cluster fuck we call Life is to know oneself well enough to keep an even keel. Your BSI does it for you. For me, the kick in the ass I use is when I do not know how I feel. As to the claim we are all crazy, well, who the Hell decided what sanity was anyway?

    1. I think I was sane fifty years ago.

  8. king - you're in the top decile in my books. that move to texas and your tenacity is beyond belief.

    MRM - good point on not knowing what sanity is. i'm trying to come up with an answer but it escapes me.

    years ago i decided that contentment was my goal. all in all, i'm pretty content with things at the moment. the water is warm and there's plenty to eat in my little slice of paradise.

  9. I could use some bean soup. Been a rough week.