Friday, 24 February 2017


this trump guy is a hard one to figure out. it's easy to figure him out on a personal level, he's an asshole. one of my favorite expressions has always been: i'd rather be an asshole than an idiot.  now this trump guy has me questioning that expression.  so it goes.

one minute i think trump is a total lunatic and he's going to destroy the world and then the next minute i'm thinking, maybe some good will come of all this nonsense. i'm talking about CREATIVE DESTRUCTION.  or as they say, out with the old and in with the new. there is no doubt that the world economy has been stagnant for the last decade despite the trillions of dollars in quantitative easing.  we now know that trickle down monetary policies are about as ineffective as trickle down fiscal policies.  in both cases, fuck all trickled down from the rich. but that's why the rich are rich, once they get a dollar, it doesn't leave their pocket.

creative destruction is on its way whether or not trump destroys everything first, he might just speed up the process. mechanization and artificial intelligence are here to stay so the big question is, what are the billions of humans going to do?  the answer to that question is easy, we'll do what we always do, reproduce and fight with each other. i guess the big question is, how will we divide the economic pie? the answer that question is also easy, we will not divide the economic pie equally.

has the pie ever been divided equally in the entire history of the human race?


trump's stated goal of replacing globalism with protectionism leads me to the following question?

would you rather buy a garment produced by a machine in your own country or a garment produced by a human in a less affluent country?

and while we have our thinking caps on;

is a genetically modified cotton plant as evil as a genetically modified corn plant?

just more shit for us to argue over.

so what's a guy to do?

when it comes to the human race, is there any difference between a pessimist and a realist?

billy still loves you sons of bitches.

Friday, 17 February 2017

the duck shoes

several months ago i was on cloud nine after getting the duck shoes, they were super comfortable and of course, very water proof. perfect for walking rip in the wet weather. this morning when i put them on, i happened to look at the side of one shoe and noticed that it had cracked. then i looked at the other shoe and it had also cracked. i was super bummed out. those lousy duck shoes were $80 so i figured that they'd last at least a year, maybe two.

i searched on line and found the receipt and then i had to hook up the printer to get a copy of the receipt and it was off to the shoe store.  the shelves were more than half empty and the clerk was skeptical that they'd have my size but as i'm so fond of saying, somebody up there likes me. they had my size and all was right with the world. new duck shoes, if that isn't nice, what is?

i am thoroughly enjoying john from cincinnati, it has me laughing almost uncontrollably at times, just like the big lebowski. and there's been one added bonus, the rip is now from cincinnati. i often get approached when walking her by people wanting to know what breed she is and since she was a rescue dog, i really don't know. but from now on when people ask, i just say, she's from cincinnati. i've also taken on the identity of butchie yost.  i gotta get fucking high man!

i wish i could find a good clip of butchie in his old vw van but al bundy will have to do.

billy loves you sons of bitches.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


poor little me was sick as a dog last week. last wednesday i hopped on the bike to ride across town and pick up my favorite extra lean ground beef at the butcher and i ran out of energy, almost collapsed. i always stand up and ride as fast as i can for about 10 minutes to get my blood circulating. it's great cardio but on wednesday i just ran out of energy and had to stop. usually the legs get tired or maybe i get a little out of breath but i can keep going.  this kind of scared me.

the next day i got up and quickly got a bad case of the runs. it turned out to be very similar to the preparation for a colonoscopy. i crapped my brains out all day and felt like death warmed over. i had the norvovirus. it's a type of the flu for which there is apparently no vaccine. the upset stomach lasted about 24 hours and then it took a few days to fully recover.

i ate nothing on day one and just had a few bowls of oatmeal the next day. i've never liked beef or most types of meat and now the thought of any greasy, fatty meat sickens me. my new quest is find a good source of protein that doesn't include meat. for now i'll be eating a little chicken and salmon along with the ground beef in the freezer but only in small portions. who knows, in a year or two i might become a vegan.

on a different note, the deadwood marathon ended last night. for the last few years jack langrishe has been my favorite character and it was no different this time. the first few seasons it was e b farnum that made me laugh, then it was jane cannery who brought a smile to my face and now it's jack. i can look at jack and start smiling before he speaks. ian mcshane and brian cox truly do make deadwood shakespeare of the west.

in case anyone isn't motivated to drink a decent amount of water each day, take a look at what happens when the kidneys aren't cleansed daily. after crapping myself silly whilst ill and dehydrating myself in the process, i'll let swearengen be the  angel on my shoulder whispering in my ear, "drink the fucking water!"

billy loves you sons of bitches.