Sunday, 26 March 2017

john be gone

the 15 minutes of nightly bliss that john from cincinnati gave me has come to an end, mega bummer. it's a great series and it gave me a lot of laughs. it only lasted one season and that is a crying shame. there were parts of it that rival the big lebowski for making me laugh out loud but all things must pass and now it's time to decide on what to watch for my nightly 15 minutes of bliss.  john from cincinnati is a tough act to follow. the other decision i'm facing is how long should i wait before watching john again. 2 years?

fuck me, a few minutes ago i was totally flummoxed as to what to watch but jesus came through for me again. that son of bitch really knows his tv.  the rip from cincinnati and i will be watching.............................................

the mighty boosh!

the big fuck me at the moment is income tax.  i'm one of the holdouts who refuses to file on-line. it's certainly a lot easier to just enter the figures and let the computer do the rest but i get a better of grasp of what's going on by sitting down and putting pen to paper. it's crucial to have your ducks in a row should the taxman decide to ask a few questions. but if the taxman does ask too many questions, here's my standard answer:

this is very complicated case, maude.  you know, a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lot of what-have-yous. and uh, a lot of strands to keep in my head, man.

billy says he loves you sons of bitches.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


for some unknown reason, i recently decided that i needed a new pocket knife. it was probably that guy whose dad arranged for him to be nailed to a cross  whispering sweet nothings in my ear again. that son of a bitch won't leave me alone after i've sparked a bud or two. i still haven't figured out if he whispers in my ear because he genuinely likes me or if he's just fuckin' with me.

the first knife i picked up was a BUCK MINI ICEMAN. it was dirt cheap and it feels real good in my hand so i have no buyer's remorse. it has thumb studs for one handed opening which isn't exactly easy with this small knife. it was a struggle to open with the thumb stud and it hurt my thumb but i kept fritzing around with it until i mastered the technique. then i looked at my thumb and it was bleeding! now my thumb hurts like crazy so i'm trying to stop playing with it until it heals.

since my thumb was injured, i decided to pick up a knife that opens with a flipper: BUCK VANTAGE SELECT. the flipper works better than the thumb studs so once again i have no buyer's remorse. after playing with it for a day, my index finger hurts and i can't open it as quickly as i could when it first arrived but the index finger is not damaged like the thumb. just a little sore.

so i have 2 new pocket knives and also have 2 sore fingers. the good thing about having 2 sore fingers is it has dampened my enthusiasm for buying more knives. but the fingers should be good as new by the time the weather improves and the scooter is back on the road. if i get a good enough knife, maybe i can join an outlaw biker gang. now that i've played around with a few cheap knives, i might be able to select a good knife that i'll  actually use rather than just stick in the drawer and forget about it.  so it goes.

billy loves you sons of bitches.

Friday, 3 March 2017

complicated plots

i just finished watching season 6 of game of thrones and i'm not too proud to admit that most of the plot went over my head. i just can't keep up with all the plots, sub-plots, battles, kingdoms, characters and yes, even the fucking dragons. there were 3 dragons and i thought one was killed but now there are 3 dragons again, and those sons of bitches are getting real big.

the decision i have to make is whether to read about the episode on wikipedia before watching it or read about the episode after i've watched it. so far i'm reading about the episode after watching it and even then, i'm usually confused and end up with about 5 tabs being open as i click on characters and kingdoms trying to piece it all together.  one of these days i might begin a marathon and watch all six seasons one after another but i'll probably still have a tough time keeping up with the action.

one problem i have is a lot of the characters are similar and it's hard to keep straight which kingdom they come from and which kingdom they're at war with.  i think the reason that the dwarf is popular is because he's the one character who is instantly recognizable and unique. the mother of dragons is also recognizable because she's the only blonde.

i've asked a few younger people if they can keep up with the plot and they tell me that they also have trouble keeping up with all the action. i'm not sure if they're telling me the truth or just trying to give me a little self confidence.

figuring out this crazy show has now become an obsession. not because i think it's all that great, i just don't want to admit that i'm senile.

on the other hand, john from cincinnati is bringing me more joy than a pond full of turtles on a hot summer's day.

billy loves you sons of bitches