Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Gazelles vs Sambas?

A few days after the Rip arrived on the scene, she decided to rip up one of my blue suede adidas gazelle sneakers. I was totally bummed out and regretted not disciplining her for ripping apart an arnold palmer loafer the previous day. Woe was me, I really liked those old gazelles. All men my age need blue suede shoes to complete their wardrobe.

I came across green gazelles and tan colored gazelles but just couldn't find any blue ones. The younger generation is not into gazelles so most stores had a really crappy selection. But last week the store had blue suede sambas in stock and as luck would have it, they had my size in stock so I'm pleased to announce that the adidas sneaker void has been filled.

The problem is it's going take a year or so to get them broken in and faded. I bought a pair of stan smiths and a pair of the old fashioned classics last year. The stan smiths are just now starting to feel like old friends. The old fashioned classics are still stiff and shiny.

I've reached the age where it's doubtful that I'll be able to wear out all the shoes I own even if I never bought another pair in my life and it's only the casual shoes I speak of. I have enough dress shoes to last 3 life times and will probably wear them less than 20 times before I croak. My mission now is to wear out all the levis jeans, shirts and t-shirts in the closet. I'm pretty sure it's doable to wear out the jeans and t-shirts but it takes a long time to wear out the shirts. The levis shirts with pearl snaps will get worn to tatters for sure but the ones with crappy buttons are a long shot.

So when people ask me what I do in retirement, I tell them it's a full time job trying to wear out all my levis and sneakers before I croak.

Hey Mack, you're headlight's busted.


  1. Levi jeans - all I remember about them is the TV commercials. Weren't they trying to sell them to hip young dudes?

    I like the look of your new sneakers, but how could a dog resist chewing anything that appetising?

  2. my kid buys hip new style levis. there are times when i think the world has passed me by.

  3. I've never bought adidas or Levis in my life. The wife bought me some Levis once and I wore them out so fucking fast I told her not to buy me anymore of that over priced shit. I buy used dress slacks at a thrift store, they hold up well for me.

  4. king - all the levis i own were bought at the thrift store. the good heavy cotton ones, you probably got the cheap lightweight ones if they wore out too fast.

    but i've never seen any sneakers worth buying at the thrift store.

  5. Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. Rosewater, and congrats on finding those blue suede shoes.

  6. thanks mr shife, i'm looking for a chinese kid to break them in for me.