Tuesday, 5 April 2016

An embarrassment of riches

It's hard to decide which season is the best for sports, the spring or the fall. In the spring baseball begins while hockey and basketball get ready for the playoffs. In the fall football gets under way while the baseball playoffs are in full bloom. It's darn near impossible to judge which is better, spring or fall?

This year I'm totally enjoying the champion's league soccer tournament. There were a few games this afternoon and I recorded them which leaves me in the unenviable position of having to stick my head up my ass so I don't hear the scores before watching the games. Life can be difficult.

Watching baseball and soccer has really improved with high definition TV.  The high def TV I bought 18 months ago is now obsolete, woe is me. The new standard is 4K and it too will probably be obsolete in a few years so I'm in no rush to run out and buy one. Watching baseball and soccer I always focus in on the grass. Nothing beats a good night baseball game with the lights shining on a beautiful green field of grass and when you contrast that with the gorgeous white uniforms of a few teams it's heaven on earth for me. And of course  I hit the mute button on the remote and play some nice light jazz. Nothing fucks up a game like announcers that just won't shut the fuck up.

With soccer the camera angles are critical. You need a broad view of the pitch to watch the plays develop and enjoy the crispness of the passing. It really ruins in the experience when the rubes in the stands all wear  light colored jerseys. A nice green well lit pitch with minimal visual interference from the stands is very important.

So which one is better, spring or fall?

They're both good so just sit back and enjoy the moment no matter what the season.

Yes, spring is in the air. But it's fall in the southern hemisphere.


  1. The soccer games were a let down. My expectations were too high and Barcelona were wearing their ugly yellow uniforms.

  2. Hitting the mute button is an excellent idea for any soccer game - English commentators just praise the team that's winning. Didn't you like Barcelona's second goal? I thought it was as pretty as the green grass!

  3. I enjoy both spring and fall. But summer and winter is pretty nice to.
    Going to real live hockey game is a whole bunch of good times.
    Coffee is on

  4. The goal was great. And maybe it's just me but the production crews and cameramen always seem to be a lot better as the game goes on. Maybe they wait for the players to get tired and drenched in sweat before zooming in on them. Or maybe I changed reading glasses at half time.

  5. Years ago I enjoyed hockey games but now the price is sky high and all those goddamned TV time outs drove me crazy. Plus parking is a nightmare.

  6. well I gave up on baseball when the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles..bastids..
    so I'm a fall girl...but I do like the playoffs of any sport..baseball, hockey, basketball..love college ball as Baylor has kickass teams...soccer? nah..

  7. js - I'm not crazy about the Dodgers ownership group but I love watching Kershaw pitch and they have beautiful uniforms. I'm pretty bummed out that Davey Lopes isn't their first base coach this year.

    Our hockey team is in the crapper but we just signed a giant Russian defenseman. He's the guardian of our goalie and we call him "Groot" Groot will be our salvation.

  8. They are both magical times of the year. I do agree about turning down the announcers because all they do is piss you off. I have never thought of putting on some good music to enhance the experience. I can imagine watching my favorite soccer team play in glorious HD while I have "The Last of the Mohicans" soundtrack playing. Thanks for the idea, Mr. Rosewater. Enjoy the soccer matches.

  9. mr shife - it never hurts to toss a little fish into the mix.

    king - you have bette davis eyes.