Tuesday, 16 May 2017

the greens

last week we had a provincial election, lucky us.

the previous government was self-named as liberal. our liberals are actually a little to the right of our federal conservatives but call themselves liberals nevertheless. aren't politics wonderful?

so far last week's election has not produced a winner.  to form a government in beautiful bc, a party needs 44 seats. last week the liberals won 43 seats, the ndp (the political left) won 41 seats and the greens won 3 seats. this puts the greens in the position of king makers. they can unite with either the liberals or ndp and reach the magic number of 44.

firstly, the greens said they wouldn't compromise their ethics by joining a with a different party and the leader said he wasn't interested in accepting a cabinet post in return for his support. i immediately thought; you stupid son of a bitch! what are the chances of this happening again? well there are two chances and slim just left town.

now the greens have announced what they want in return for their support. they want more money and power!  jesus fucking christ, it would have been nice if they announced that they wanted to stop a pipeline or protect our fisheries but no, they want money.

i voted for the greens this time around and have voted green in most previous elections and most of my friends vote green. i don't vote green because i think they're going to save the world. the reason i vote green and i'm sure that many people vote green is because we don't have a party named "none of the above."

i'll continue to vote green but i'd have a lot more enthusiasm if their dear leader had come out and said the cost of his support would be to stop the pipeline and ban all oil supertankers from our coastline.

if the greens don't make a deal and the whole thing falls apart, there will soon be another election and they'll have blown their big chance.  so it goes.


the greens are now talking about STOPPING THE PIPELINE.

interestingly the ndp are in power in alberta and are pushing strongly for the pipeline to be  built. the ndp in british columbia are strongly against the pipeline, just as the alberta ndp were against the pipeline until they won the election and formed government. it's all about money, the party in power needs money to grease the wheels and reward their supporters.

billy still loves you sons of bitches.


  1. Why are the Greens against the pipeline? Does it have a leak or something? Better in a pipeline than in the sea.

  2. Why are the Greens against the pipeline? Does it have a leak or something? Better in a pipeline than in the sea.

    1. it's not so much the pipeline, it's the supertankers loading up in vancouver's harbor that have people worried. we'll be fighting over it for years to come.

  3. Maybe things will be better in your next lifetime, or the next. Hey, isn't electric supposed to reduce the need for oil?

  4. I wish we had political problems like this. I don't even know what is going on with Donnie T and his administration. It should be an interesting few days when he goes off to visit the Middle East. I'm sure he will be on his best behavior. Take care, Mr. Rosewater.

  5. Hello Mr. Rosewater. A good day to you, sir, and I hope all is well.

    1. it's finally hot and sunny here, all is well!