Friday, 4 November 2016

flu shot

It was that time of year again to get a flu shot. I've been getting flu shots each year for as long as I can remember. I've had the flu a few times in my life and I don't want to get it again. I'm talking the real flu, not some lousy cold that a lot of people call the flu. From what I've read, getting a flu shot is a crap shoot. They guess what strain will hit and that's what you get vaccinated for. Last year apparently they guessed wrong and the shots were only 50% effective. So it goes, like I always say, if it's free, I'll take it.

It was off to the pharmacy to get poked and maybe get a sore arm for a day or two. Before the pharmacist administers the vaccine, a form must be filled out that basically absolves the pharmacist and health ministry of any responsibility in the event that something goes wrong. ie, an allergic reaction. This year the form was different:


I shit you not, the form was in Chinese with English in small fonts under the absurd little Chinese stick figures. When I passed my form to the pharmacist, a stern eastern European lady, I couldn't resist complaining about the form and her response, "don't get me started" She then told me that 70% of the customers were Chinese and it was a nightmare trying to get them to fill out a form in English.

I liked her enough to offer my left upper arm for the shot. I have a sea turtle tattoo on my left arm and I'm usually reluctant to get a shot in that beautiful creature. They always give you the warning to sit down for 15 minutes after the shot just in case you get dizzy but there were two chances of me hanging around and slim had just left town. I immediately hopped on the bike and pedaled into the sunset. And yes, my arm hurt that evening.

The best thing about a flu shot is it gives me peace of mind when riding on public transit when some asshole starts coughing and sneezing.

The deadwood marathon goes well:

Billy still loves you sons of bitches.


  1. Usual I don't do the flu shot I'm not and anti immunization person. But like you said it crap shoot...But this year I had one. Before I took the shot I ask the medical staff if they had there. I don't see having a flus shot if the doctor isn't going to have there.
    Coffee is on

    1. one of my doctors told me that she gets the flu shot and another doctor said he didn't need one because he's constantly exposed to all the viruses so he didn't need it.

  2. Since sighing up with the VA a few years ago they want to give a shot each year so what the hell, it's free.

    1. it never hurts to play the odds.

    2. I never realised the Chinese were so keen on vaccination - don't they have their own herbal remedies for everything? Maybe you should take some ginseng to go with your jab.

  3. I am with Gorilla Bananas. I thought the Chinese would be snorting tiger penis to take care of them. Look at that. It has only been a few days and the president-elect is already turning me into a judgmental prick. Enjoy the rest of your Deadwood marathon. Take care Mr. Rosewater.

  4. “I'm talking the real flu, not some lousy cold that a lot of people call the flu.”

    I’ve only had it once, but that was enough. I was sick for at least two months, and finally figured out that, although my original illness was the flu, my aging Xmas tree (which I didn’t want to get rid of because it cheered me during my illness) was growing a fungus, so when I got rid of the tree, I felt better. When I first got sick, I felt like i had been hit by a truck, and I couldn’t do anything but just lie there and feel miserable. I even watched golf because that was all that was on the TV, and I was desperate for some—for any—distraction. This was in the winter of 1986-1987, but I was so sick that I still remember it.

    Peggy and I get two flu shots, eight weeks apart, upon the advice of our internist.

    I’ve never been told to stayed seated after getting any shot, but with some joint injections, I felt like I should have.

  5. You reminded me of why I shouldn't feel sorry for people who make excuses for not getting the flu shot and end up getting sick. Just think about it. You got a flu shot you only half believe in, signed a form you could barely read and trusted a stranger with your tattooed arm. Way to go and healthy travels!

    Leonardo @ US Health Works