Wednesday, 5 October 2016


I made a truly outstanding pot of bean soup yesterday. Firstly, I had a surplus of carrots so I grated 4 good sized carrots whereas I usually use 2 carrots. Then I tossed in some beef soup flavoring rather than the french onion flavoring. The usual suspects such as barley, beans, garlic, onions and beef remained the same.

After the soup was finished I tossed in some spaghetti sauce that was left over and son of a bitch, I had some soup that the boys in Valhalla would be proud of. Now I have a shit load of soup in the fridge, probably enough to last for the next 3 days. I'll have soup for lunch and dinner each day with a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. This is my health kick that I'll do about twice a month until spring arrives. There will be lots of farting in the bat cave.

Yesterday panic set in, I lost a debit card. I have about 5 of the stupid things and the only one that I ever use was nowhere to be found,  it's for my mother's account. After an hour of frustration, I decided to hop on the bike and ride up to the credit union. I'm not crazy about credit unions but I leave some money in there because my father liked the place. Typically, there was a large line-up for service. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate line-ups?

An elderly asian man was standing behind me and he was very close which was annoying. Then the asshole belched right in my ear. I came very close to throttling the rude little nine iron but with age comes wisdom, so I just gave him the dirtiest stare I could muster and stood in that fucking line-up with the old blood pressure skyrocketing.

But the baseball playoffs have started and the grocery store has some fresh apples that are beyond compare. It's just too bad that I have to use a paring knife to eat them since I have zero confidence in my front teeth.

And the Deadwood marathon has begun!

Billy says he loves you sons of bitches.


  1. Now who in the fuck says that windows 10 isn't a spy agency!!!!!

    I just got an email from msn 25 healthy eating tips.

    I hate windows 10!!!!

  2. Yes, soup is good. Your one sounds pretty thick, but you'd still be doing more slurping than chewing. You could add some chilli paste if you got bored of it - chillies plus tomatoes plus beans is the bomb.

    1. the lovely mrs myshkin has lots of chili paste and tomatoes so maybe when she isn't looking i'll toss some in tomorrow.

  3. Replies
    1. split pea soup sounds good to me. i occasionally toss them into my soup.

  4. Hope the debit card problem is resolved so you can just focus on the soup, apples and playoff baseball. I think you just need to drive a truck with truck nuts and you will be set. Do they have truck nuts in Canada? Take care Mr. Rosewater.

    1. that cubs-giants game was epic last night. and the dodgers-nationals game was also excellent.

      i was thinking the giants should have pinch it for cueto but they let him hit and in the bottom of the inning he gave up the game winning home run. that's why i love the national league, second guessing the managers late in the game.

  5. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    You are a great cook. I wish I could cook like u. It is a good idea to have soup and oatmeal combination. I want to try it.

    Best wishes

    1. thanks joseph but there's really no skill involved in making soup, just toss stuff into the pot and then try to remember how good the combination of stuff tastes to make adjustments for the next pot. the spaghetti sauce was pure luck.

  6. If someone gets your debit card, he can clean out your account, and you’ll have scant chance of getting it back, whereas your loss is nil with a credit card. Also, with a credit card, you can challenge charges that you didn’t make or are unhappy with, and you can get money—or other rewards—back on what you spend. The only credit card I would never want is American Express because their customer service is an insult and a lot of merchants won’t take it because its fees are too high.

    I think of credit unions as all that is good—locally owned, free of scandal, aren’t forever trying to sell you things, no sneaky extra charges, and good service. So, why do you dislike them, and does your dislike mean that you prefer big banks?

    As for Deadwood, my favorite character by far was the preacher, and I would like to know what happened with him. I have the sound that came with the TV.

    “I have to use a paring knife to eat them”

    Peggy has never had front teeth that would bite things off, so I cut her apples into sections. Later, her parents could have afforded an orthodontist. I think her teeth are cute (they’re not noticeable, and they don’t stick out, they’re just at angles to one another), but she wishes they were more practical.

    I like to bake breads and crackers, and I like to cook soups. Like you did, I start with beans, then add whatever veggies are on hand and lots of brown rice. I use veggie bouillon since I don’t eat meat (I can’t imagine you would notice the difference), and I’m a big fan of rosemary, thyme, cumin, and hot sauce (though not Tobacco which is too vinegary).

    1. yup, me and the preacher are brothers in arms. keep watching and you'll see me and swearengen doing one last dance.

      i've dealt with that credit union for about 50 years and it has advantages but it pays very poor interest rates and keeps trying to hook me up with a "financial advisor"

      several years ago i went with my parents to the credit union and they gave me power of attorney over their accounts and the staff were looking at me very suspiciously thinking that i was going to help myself to their money. over the years i never took a cent of their money so the credit union staff treat me very well.

      coincidentally, the day after i got a new debit card for my mom's account, a new card arrived in the mail for my account. i now have more debit cards than brains.

    2. Poor interest rates are the norm anymore. Have you looked into

      “the staff were looking at me very suspiciously thinking that i was going to help myself to their money.”

      Stupid people often get into trouble for that, as well they should.

    3. yes, monetary trickle down economics have destroyed middle aged savers. now the millenials are getting in debt up to their necks with low interest rates and once rates rise, they might me indentured for the rest of their lives.