Sunday, 14 February 2016


I’m pleased as punch to announce the official time is......

A while back I was lucky enough to get a shiny new wrist watch but there was one small problem, the band needed adjusting. I’m pretty good at pissing on fires or killing flies with an elastic band but I was flummoxed with the stainless steel wrist band and the pins holding it together. The watch sat in the box as I debated with myself whether to take it to a jeweler or attempt it myself. The logic and instructions made the operation look like child’s play but I’ve fallen victim to apparent child’s play too many times to take anything for granted.

Earlier this week I enlisted an attractive young lady to assist me with the procedure. I had watched a few you tube videos and was ready to go. Of course the lousy pins did not come out as easily as they did on you tube but we finally got them out and it was time to reinsert the skinny and fragile little rascals. My attractive young assistant and I disagreed on the correct procedure but I deferred to her younger and higher functioning brain. Things didn’t go well and we bent a few pins before I went back to the you tube video and told her that I was correct, but she wouldn’t concede that she had made a mistake and the whole operation was abandoned. The next day I managed to get one pin inserted but then decided to quit while I was ahead and wait for sonny to drop by and complete the operation.

This afternoon sonny and I reinserted the remaining pin with ease and the radio controlled eco-drive perpetual watch is now on my wrist. The only drawback is the son of bitch is pretty big and clunky. According to the sales pitch, it’s supposed to reset itself to the correct second each night. If that isn’t nice, what is?

And when did whales start swimming on land?

Hey mister, your headlight is busted.


  1. A re-setting watch is definitely the future, so you're one step closer to William Shatner on the bridge of the Enterprise. Does it pick up a signal from the internet?
    The clunkyness doesn't so good, so you may want to update to the next model when it's ready.

  2. I wuz impressed with the fact that my cell phone adjusted the time every time I went into a different time zone.

  3. gb - I'm told that it picks up a signal from our atomic clock. If I was only younger with a more adaptable brain, I'd get a smart watch.

    king - I'm still the only guy I know without a cell phone. I can't figure out why everyone wants to pay a monthly fee to be available for all the nuisance calls from pests.

  4. My cell phone plan is only 25 bucks every three months, can't get a land line for that.

  5. The Jap whaling fleets have been driving whales from the oceans and onto land for the past few weeks.

  6. All's well that ends well. Glad to hear the outcome was a success. Enjoy your weekend and knowing the exact time that Ripper needs to go for a walk.

  7. mr shife = it's 14:25 pacific time at the moment. i need a good sunny day to charge my battery. life is tough.

  8. I love wearing a watch..I've worn the same time watch for about 5 years...every now and then I drown one and have to replace it..